No, but seriously, do I need to say more??  This trip started out quite long but it was a great trip with some great people!

Our trip started with a night train that was 12 hours long.  Some of you maybe wondering why it takes a night train four hours longer to get from Vienna to Venice than a normal train and I was too.  However, the reason is that it actually took us to Salzburg, the city just on the border of Austria and Germany, and then down to Venice.  Luckily we had reserved a cabin for the six of us.  I felt like we were on our way to Hogwarts, it was so cool.  However, when six people try to sleep in one compartment, even if they do make mega bed, it is uncomfortable.  We arrived in Venice at 9 in the morning and as soon as we stepped out of the train station we were confronted with the beautiful canal, right there in front of us.  The thought of having to ride a boat as a bus was almost beyond me but I was so excited to get on.  I had not been on a boat in a long time and I was looking forward to getting back on the water.  Erika was especially excited having not been able to row in some time. 

Luckily we talked to a lady at an information desk and she told us about the "rolling Venice" pass.  This pass would get us a cheaper transportation pass and it would get us certain discounts at certain locations.  We did not end up using our discounts but that does not mean that you travelers might not find use for them, besides it makes the travel passes much cheaper. 

We hopped on the next bus boat after we got our tickets and headed to Lido, the island just off of the main land.  We found the hotel pretty easily but the man I asked directions from told us that it would be an easy walk . . . . yeah NOT.  Besides we could have ridden the bus three stops and been almost at the doorstep, but it was a great way to see the island.  Once we arrived at the hotel, Hotel Villa Parco, we got out our bags of groceries (really just bread and some Nutella or jam) and made us some brunch.  After we got done easy we were able to check into our rooms and get settled. 

The LaMars had their own room and decided to take a nap but Keri, Erika, Jamie, and I wanted to go and see the beach.  SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!!!!  It was so beautiful and was exactly what we all needed.  The beach was on the Mediterranean Sea, water was freezing, the shore line was covered in sea shells, you could not take a step without crushing a hundred shells, it was amazing.  We were able to just relax and enjoy the warm sun.  We had some little photo sessions because Erika and I were so hyped up by the sun and the beautiful landscape. After a couple of hours we headed back to the Hotel and waited until it was time to go and pick up Anna and Sara (a friend that came to visit) from the boat dock.  While we were waiting we started talking about what we planned to do with our time. 
The next day we headed to the Constitution bridge, which was Cool, but ultimately disappointing.   ;)  We decided to walk back from the bridge and find our way to the Rialto bridge. Along the way we found some cute little shops and everyone was able to finish up their shopping needs and take some fun pictures along the way.  At the end we made a stop at the Basilica and walked around inside (something everyone should do).  Just when we were about to leave for Lido from St. Maro's Square, to get our things for the night train ride back, Jamie realized that she had miss placed something: her clasp that held her only credit card and transportation card for both Vienna and Venice.  O.O Needless to say we started back over almost exactly where we had started and worked our way back to where Jamie had made her last purchase.  Jamie and I were able to walk pretty fast so we ended up losing the group on our way to the shop, but we found her clasp there safe and sound.  Walking backwards we found half of the group we left behind and sent a message to the other half to meet up at the hotel.  Thankfully, we all made it to the hotel and the train on time.  Also, we were able to snag two compartments making our trip back so much more comfortable. 
Anna and Sara were staying for a very short amount of time so we wanted to make sure that they got to see everything but that we also had other things to do for the other day that we were staying.  We ended up visiting Saint Marco's Square, Rialto Bridge, rode a Gondola and walked on some of the back streets of Venice.  Unfortunately, we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe (some people wouldn't let it go).  It was good, but it made it so that most of us could not afford to eat real Italian cuisine the next night.  The next day we headed back to the Rialto bridge to let Anna and Sara finish with their shopping since they were leaving that night.  After we dropped Anna and Sara off at the boat dock, we headed to the local Billa to grab some cheap wine and some sweets to eat at the beach.  It was nice to just chill and relax together, even if the beach was closed off.
This was one of the greatest trips I went on and I WILL be going back to Venice again.
Ok so here is the dealy-o: I am having lots of confusing and conflicting thoughts right now all of them surrounding the up coming few weeks.  I have now only eight days, count them 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, days left in Vienna, Austria!!  Three months have come and gone and I seriously do not even know where they went.  There is so much left that I would like to do!  And yet, I have done SOOOO much here. 

Part of me feels as though I have changed quite a bit and then another thinks that I have simply enhanced what was already there, or that I have just realized more about how I already was.  More of a revelation ( ;] ) then anything else. Yet, I still do not understand why I feel the way that I feel.  There is such a mixture of excitement, depression, apprehension, anxiety, happiness, fear, . . . I mean almost every emotion possible is playing around in there at once!! It is crazy!  It reminds me of the line in Harry Potter when Ron says "one person couldn't feel all that. They'd explode" Well, I am now further proof that one can feel those many different things and continue to remain unexploded. . though that may only be for right now.  Part of these issues, I feel anyway, has to do with the seminar that we had on Wednesday about the re-entry and reintegration period that we were going to face while going home. 

Have you ever had a thought in you mind, one that you knew you had but did not really think about, and then one day someone makes you talk about it and it seems to never stop coming out?  I think that this is what my brain is currently going through.  Denial was working so well for me ad then I just had to have a discussion circle about it.  [ But on a serious note, I am very thankful for the session.  I know that it will help me when I get back to the states and I know that it is now helping me to cope with all of these emotions in a more gradual way then all at once on the airplane. ]  My consciousness was blissfully unaware that the time was truly coming to an end though, thank you very much. ; ) 

But no I have had so many amazing experiences here and feel so blessed to have had them.  Many people around the world are worried about simply surviving and I . .
A Higher Ability in German
Learned More About Myself
Learned More About Austria
Felt as Though I was Austrian (a little)
Visited 8 Different Countries
Visited Adam
Had Traditional Viennese Food
Made Life Long Friends
Passed My Classes
Climbed Stephansdom
Have a Gift for Everyone
Visited Every District
Kept Up on the Blog Pretty Well
Done all of My Homework
Met People From Many Different Walks of Life
Tried Things out of My Comfort Zone
Got Lost in the Back Streets of Venice
Seen the Lipizzaner Horses
Ridden in a Gondola
Seen Mauthusen and Hartheim
Visited the Museum of the Lost Race
Visited the Capital City of 6 Countries
Traveled by Train in a Compartment (MEGA BED!!!!)
And Been Truly Blessed. . .
Want to:
Go to Norway
Go to Ireland
Go to Greece
Go to Rome
Go to Berlin
Go to Washington D.C.
Visit More of My Own Country
And most importantly:
Never Forget This Trip
I guess in the end you go back to the beginning and that is weird for me.  One reason might be because I know how much I tend to run from change.  Another reason might be the sheer fact that I did not know that I was going to be able to afford to come until very late.  Either way, I thank God for the experiences and life that I have had because I never would have made it here without Him. 




                                                               WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!? 

You may be asking that right now.  What happened while Bre was in Prague?  Well, as someone who is rather close to Bre, perchance the closest, that she had one of the most influential experiences in Prague. 

Those of you who really know me, know that I have an interest in the Holocaust.  It sounds weird every single time that I say it, but there really seems to be no good way to say that you are interested in the Holocaust.  I think the thing that has facilitated this interest is the simple fact that my mind cannot wrap around the hatred, down right disdain that the Nazis had for the gay, communists, Gypsies, and (the one everyone knows) the Jewish people.  I simply do not understand a hatred so fierce and wild that it can encompass an entire race, group, or ethnicity.  A hatred that was strategically spread throughout a nation and beyond.  A hatred that lead people to perform heinous acts against their neighbors, friends, and family. 

Our trip to Prague was planned through AHA and was organized as an outing for the Holocaust Literature class.  We left Saturday morning, at 5:40 am mind you (Not a happy Bre), by train and arrived in Prague around 10.  We dropped off our bags at the hotel and then headed out to the main square of Prague for our first little tour of Prague.  That night we were given free time, so Keri and I went back to the hotel and ate because we were both cranky due to lack of food.  After eating we headed to the local McCafe.  On a side note, I had yet to be to a McDonalds and I broke down 3 times in Prague. . . so disappointed in myself. But any way.  We played the question game and just relaxed with Jamie, Anna, and the La Mars.
In the morning we went on a trip to some synagogues. The first one we went to was the synagogue that Hitler had designated as the site of his "Museum of the Lost Race."  This was going to house the different objects that he had taken from the Jewish families that were sent to camps or killed by Einsatzgruppen (firing squads).  This was suppose to be a museum that people could visit to learn about the Jewish people, a people that had ended.  There was not going to be a description of how the race had ended, how they had been harassed, raped, shot, worked to death and gassed.  Inside there were Torahs, banners that were hung in front of the place that holds the Torah, alms collectors, dressing that were placed on the dead, paintings showing the steps taken to bury the dead.  All of it from people that are now dead.  Killed by the Nazis.  Seeing the items that had once been dear, even sacred to someone before, made the Holocaust more . . . . Real, for lack of a better word. 

From there we traveled to another synagogue that would allow us to walk through an old Jewish cemetery.  One that the Jewish people had been forced to use.  Traditionally, a graveyard has to be a certain distance from the community but, as they were only given  small amount of land, the graveyard ended up being in between two synagogues.  Not only was it located in the community, the graveyard was too small to bury all of the bodies so they had to start burying up.  The Jewish community had to start building an area for the new dead to be buried and with no more land they had to start burying them on top.  It is also against their religion to move a body, so "reorganizing" was out of the question. 

This synagogue, the one that led us to the graveyard, is one that I will never forget.  From the outside it looked like a normal building.  I could have easily walked right past it and never had known that it was a holly place.  Not like the Christian churches, but then the Christians did not have to worry too much about their holly buildings being attacked.  (But I digress)  In side all of the walls we white with writing on them.  This writing was on almost every single wall.  It stretched from the ceiling to the floor in most places.  The writing continued on into two rooms and was also above the door frames.  This writing was that of the names of the people that had been killed in the Holocaust.  The names were only of the Jews killed in the Holocaust from that single community.  They were separated by years and then organized alphabetically.  I read five names off of every, single wall and door way. 

One is taught through history classes that millions, some say as much as six million, Jewish children, women, and men were killed in the Holocaust.  But, how does an American student, one who knows nothing of tyranny, being ruled with an iron fist, war on home soil, or that of mass genocide understand "six million?"  Someones brain has to have something to base such a large number off of and I had nothing.  Nothing until I saw those names.  Those names that covered an entire synagogue.  The names of people that were from a single community of Jews.  The names of people that were from one city.  I understand now.  Now I know what six million is.  I have seen the names.  I have read their names.  The names of people that were killed due to a hatred that has been around almost since time has been recorded. . . .

From there we walked through the graveyard and learned about what some of the symbols etched into the tombstones meant.  From there, we headed to the Spanish synagogue.  The inside was intricate, colorful, and full of the Star of David, very appropriate.  Walking from such a plain synagogue to this ornate one was shocking in a way as well.  First of all I had never seen a synagogue that reminded me so much of a church.  On the other hand, I found it intriguing that I was more impressed by the plain synagogue with the names of the murdered than the leaf gold, ornate synagogue.  Interesting no? 

After a short lunch break we headed up to the Palace and saw the Golden Lane where the Alchemists were forced to live.  From there we wandered back down to the main square and walked around the outside market looking for some souvenirs (which I found for some select few . . . ).  Then it was time to leave so we all headed back to the Hotel to grab our bags and then we were off to the train station.  

Over all I would not say that it was the most impressive city that I have seen but it was the most impactfull.  
Please disregard the time stamp on these last few posts. The publisher has been very far behind on posting so they are written as though they were posted when they should have been.  We appreciate your understanding and hope that you have a wonderful day.  Thank you, Good Bye!
When they say time flies they are so right!  I will be home in 32 days and I do not know where the past two months have gone.  And you guys have NO idea what I have been doing for a month!  Sorry about being so slow on the up keep, it has just been a crazy whirlwind over here. 
I have noticed that the past posts have just been a recap of what I have done and the like but not really on how I feel about the trip, so before I update the trip info I feel the need to just sort of fill you guys in on how I actually feel.  Ok? (Well good because it is happening right now). :)

Before coming on this trip we were given a lecture over culture shock and the different stages of adjustment that we were going to go through because of it and I don't know weather I should be happy or sad about the fact that I have not experienced any of them. . . I do know that some in our group have experienced most of these phases and I part of me has wondered if I am just still in shock (the first stage).  But then I visited Adam and I was actually sort of disappointed in London.  NOT to say at all, AT ALL, that I did not have a wonderful time or got to experience things that will stay with me forever, but I felt as though I was in an older New York City.  If I was still in the shocked phase I am pretty sure that I would not have felt that way.  So, now I am just sort of confused with myself. 

I have always been described and I describe myself as someone who does not like change and can't handle it well.  Yet here I am, in what could maybe be called a change, just maybe, and I feel as though I am in my element.  Not afraid, not lost, not yearning for America (just the people there), not feeling as though I am swimming in a vast sea just keeping my head above water, nothin.  Please, do not think that I would like to feel that way, by no means do I mean that, it is just so weird to feel more comfortable in another county than your own. 

Part of this comfort might be the fact that I have a set schedule yet I am given control to make my own choices on a daily basis.  I know what I have to get done, how much money I have, where I want to go, and how to budget my money so I can get there.  That and the fact that Vienna is one of the safest places in the world, all I have had to worry about are pick pockets and looking a man in the eye while smiling. (Apparently, here that means that I am up for a good time in the sheets. . . how we jumped to that conclusion I will never understand, but still have to be careful to look grumpy or no eye contact.)  I feel completely comfortable walking back to the house by myself at night, obviously still on the main roads in the light (I am not that stupid) but comfortable none-the-less.  Also, Vienna's freaking underground and transportation system is awesome and easy to understand.  I feel comfortable traveling on the bus, street car, or underground and feel as though I can get myself anywhere safely. 

Driving here on the other hand is a completely different story.  I would use public transportation if I lived here for the sole reason that this place is NUTS!  The streets are no bigger than a bed, the cars the size of three wheelers, and pedestrians walk when they feel like it basically.  I will have to say though that the drivers here are SO much better at actually recognizing that a pedestrian is there and parallel parking.  Their parallel parking skills are do to the fact that there is no other way of parking in the city, but amazing none the less.  One day we saw a smart car parallel park itself into a space that looked big enough for a stroller.  I repeat amazing parking skills.  The lights here also flash yellow before they turn red, just like ours, but they also flash yellow just before they turn green.  Nice little warning I would say.  However, the fact that there is basically only parallel parking spaces would make driving here even more difficult for me. :/ 
Oh, what a whirlwind of events.  I now only have about 7 weeks left and I am headed to London to visit Adam.  Next week I am off to Prague with the program, then Venice for the long weekend, Munich the next, Adam will come to visit me, then one weekend to relax before leaving that next Friday for the states!  I feel like I just got to Vienna and now I have to turn around and leave!!!  But there are still adventures out there for me and I am so thankful to be able to be here in Europe visiting all of these fantastic countries.  I have also noticed that I am failing epically at posting pictures of me and my scarf’s from each country, but I will be doing all of them at the end and I will tie them all differently to show different styles and the different scarf’s! 

Back to the London trip though!  This trip could not have come at a better time for the two of us.  It had been almost a month since we had seen each other and it was the weekend after Valentines day and the weekend before our anniversary.  Also, since he is coming to see me March 16th -18th we will be able to see each other about a months time apart.  Also, we kind of get to celebrate our four year anniversary in Europe!!

I got my ticket through EasyJet, which was easy and nice because it was cheaper and, since I did not have any luggage to check in, quick.  However, EasyJet does this great thing where if you get there too late they can give your seat away.  Apparently, they over book flights and it is a sort of a system of “who ever gets there first, gets it.”  My advice would be to get there 2 hours early so as to make sure you get in as they start the check in time an hour and a half before boarding time.  But, not only do you have to worry about getting the seat you paid for, there is also the fun of being stuffed into a bus that transports you to the plane like you are a bunch of sardines. I felt like I was a part of a cattle drive. 
 The trip worked out fine over all.  I did end up having to check in my carry on because of all of the people on the flight, but I did not get charged for it and I could carry on my purse so it was fine.  I got to the London Gatwick Airport at 10:30, on time, but then my bag decided that it wanted to be THE last suitcase to come out.  Then I had to go and get my Gatwick express ticket (DON’T FORGET YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER if you order it online).  Which was so easy.  I just walked up to the desk with my number and then walked down the stairs to the train.  Thirty minutes later, I was hugging my man at Victoria Station!!!!
It felt so nice to have someone from home to hug!!  It being Adam didn’t hurt, but it felt so great to be someone from home who really knew me.  Also, the weather was AMAZING!!!!  Vienna is so pretty and I do love how the city looked covered in snow, but being able to walk around in leggings and a sweater was awesome.  Adam took me to a ticket booth and we bought a one-day pass for about 4.5 pounds and rode the Underground to his place (first objective completed).  The flat was empty except for his roommate but I had not eaten since noon so we went to this local 24-hour place and grabbed a sandwich.  Afterward, I was exhausted so we headed back and sent to sleep. 
Friday we got up at 10 and made our way to the Themes to go on a walk that Adam’s program had taken him on.  We started out at the Tower Castle and saw the bridge right next to it.  Adam asked me what bridge I thought that it was so I said; “Well, it is a Bridge, in London . . . so is it the London Bridge?”  Which is obviously what he wanted me to say because he started to laugh and informed me that it was the Tower Bridge.  We walked up to the Tower Bridge and then down more on the Themes.  Farther on down the river we finally saw the London Bridge and can I just say; what a let down!  It was so plain and anti-climatic.  I was much more impressed by the Tower Bridge and the Millennium Bridge than the London Bridge, but what can you do. 

After that we crossed on the Millennium Bridge to the Globe Theater and walked further down towards the London Eye.  We did not ride on it but it was amazing to see it in person.  Parliament is right across the Themes so we took pictures of Big Ben and the two bridges on either side of Parliament before crossing over on the Green Bridge that is for the House of Lords.  From there we walked past West Minster Abby and through St. Paul’s Park where we sat on a bench for a minute to watch 
the birds and enjoy the park.  It was really nice to be in a park again and to just sit and enjoy the view with him.  Actually, just sitting with him in general was great but the awesome view made the moment.  After walking across Elizabeth’s Bridge (I think that is the name any way) we went and saw the monument to Queen Elizabeth.  From there we made our way up to Trafalgar’s Square and Piccadilly Circus just as the sun fully set. 
With it being so dark, Adam and I decided that it would be good to go home, get some groceries and cook dinner.  So off to the flat to grab some grocery bags and then we bought muffins, hamburgers, hamburger buns, Sprite, and some other random things for dinner.  After making dinner, we stayed up and watched some TV and caught up on what we had been doing for the past month or so and then went to the room.  Just before we went to bed Adam gave me my anniversary presents; a Celtic cross necklace and a scarf from Scotland. (He is so amazing!)
We had forgotten to set an alarm, so needless to say we woke up late, about 2 actually.  I slept in until noon, but I didn’t want to wake Adam up so I went and read some of my book in the living room to let him sleep more.  Doogie was gone for the day and with having slept in so late we decided that it would be silly to go to down town London.  So, instead we took a stroll down to Adam’s school and the surrounding area.  It was mostly residential so it was quite and gave a better insight into the houses in London.  I was a little chilly though, so we stopped in a café for me to get some hot chocolate, which was good, but not as good as the hot chocolate in Vienna.  ;) We did find one amazing spot on the walk called “Little Venice.”  It really did look like what I thought Venice would look like.  There was a tiny canal, full of small houseboats, right there in the middle of this neighborhood.  There was a nice restaurant at the top of the canal and it must be hot spot for date nights with that great view.  After our little walk by "Little Venice," I stopped into the little bar on the corner and ordered Fish and Chips to go.  They were SO good but I honestly think that it was nothing that I could not have gotten in the states.  That night we did set an alarm as I had a flight to catch and we still had so much that I wanted to do.

With a ride on the London Eye and a double decker bus, a picture in a red phone booth and of Baker street and "Mind the Gap" still needed, we woke up at 7.  The London Eye had its first ride around 9 and we wanted to be one of the first ones in line (which we were!!!)  That 30 minute ride was absolutely amazing and worth the money.  The view was fantastic and the whole ride was so smooth that it was easy to just get lost in the views.  At the top Adam and I kissed,

"One more thing to check off the list" he said.  :D  After the ride we walked across the Green bridge once again and found a Red photo booth to have our picture taken in.  (Two down, three to go!)  From there it was simply trying to figure out where to find the silly bus that would take us back to the flat.  Thankfully, we found it without too much trouble and with plenty of time for me to go look for a scarf. 
This whole time I had been looking for a scarf and had yet to find the one that I wanted.  I was looking for a rich, earthy color and I wanted it to be knitted.  I had found a rich brown pashmina one for 2 pounds but that was going to be my last resort.  This last look did not result in a scarf though and with time running out I asked Adam to get me the one that we had seen earlier and
then I would pay him back when he was in Vienna.  So, we grabbed my bag and headed off for my last ride in the tubes.  Luckily, Baker Street was the stop that we had to make a transfer at so I got the picture that I wanted.  My picture of "mind the gap" was never accomplished (Adam did get it for me later :D )  but we did make it to the Victoria Station early so I decided to look in a little shop that I saw had scarfs.  Not only did this shop have scarfs, it had THE scarf!!! I finally found the long, soft, knitted earthy, brown scarf that I had been looking for and it was in my price range!  What a great way to end a fantastic weekend.  Or so I thought.  Once I arrived at the airport, I found out that my flight had been delayed another whole hour so I was stuck in the London airport for about 5 hours with nothing to do.  But I made it home safe and the flight was fine SO I guess I shouldn't complain too much.  Overall a great weekend and a trip that was much needed. 
Keri and I are going to end up being stuck together if things continue on like this.  On the 10th of February Keri and I had a girls day to go explore some of the other districts around Vienna.  We have this plan to visit all of the districts and as we still have quite a few to visit we thought that we would get a head start on it.  So, we decided to go to the Schönbrunn Palace in the 13th district, the Belvedere Palace in the 3rd district and some place in the 4th district, just for kicks. 
We started in the 4th district because it was the easiest on to get to and then we could simply work our way out to the other districts from there. (Remember the districts are in a layered formation so
19 is directly touching 9 for example).  When we got off at the stop we saw this giant church coming up in the back ground so we headed that way where we found something quite unexpected. Port-a-potties.  This one was simply my favorite but there were tones of them all different, in a large circle.  Keri and I knew that it had to be something to do with an art project/message but we never found out what exactly they were trying to say.  The rest of the ones I liked are in the photo gallery, along with other photos from this trip.  We tried to get into the church but it was one that you had to pay for so we decided to move on.  But, just to make sure that we had proof of our endeavor we had a woman take a picture of us in front of a street sign with the 4th district on it and then we headed to a streetcar to get to

the Belvedere Palace.  Keri and I found the castle pretty easily, I mean it was hard to miss the huge building with a solid wall around it.  We walked around the back grounds first which was an interesting mix of Egyptian and Victorian styles.  There were Sphinx's everywhere, which I was ok with, but it seemed weird.  One great part of the grounds were the little garden areas that reminded me of the movie and play "Much Ado About Nothing" by William Shakespeare .  We visited the back palace and went inside but it was being used as a photo gallery that you had to pay to visit so we made our way back up to the front of the palace and took pictures in front of the big pond.  Shönbrunn was not that great because we only went to the front but we did see a car crash. That was fun. After those two palaces we headed to the local Aida.

I am so going to miss Aida when I go home.  The coffee houses here are so great to sit in and relax.  I know that I have only been drinking coffee and water almost the entire time, which is not good, but I like it.  I like being able to sit, relax and just talk to someone for ages.  Granted, I really have not been able to do that as often as I would have liked to.  One night was perfect though.  Keri and I had gone to the Starbucks (they are everywhere here too!!) and talked for a good two hours.  No one bothered us, I was comfortable, and I loved the coffee I had.  This simple little pleasure has been such a blessing for me and I am going to miss it so much.  After our coffee at the Aida, Keri and I headed back to her house and watched some youtube videos. Good old Jenna Marbles and My Drunk Kitchen.  If you get the chance, you should really watch these two fine ladies.  They are a hoot!

I should have done this sooner but I guess "better late than never"as they say.
Have a Scarf From every place ~
        Vienna:    X    Eisenstadt:    X    Budapest:    X    Prague:     X    London:   X     Munich:    X    Italy:      X
        Bratislava:    X   Scotland:    X     (cause Adam is awesome)
When in London ~
        See -    Big Ben:    X    Parliament:    X    The Globe:    X    West Minister Abby:    X    St. James Park:    X   
                       Tower Bridge:    X    London Bridge:    X    Millennium Bridge:    X     Themes:    X   
        Ride -  London Eye:    X    Double Decker Bus:    X    Tube System:    X   
        Eat Fish and Chips:    X       Take a picture with Adam in a red phone booth:    X
When in Vienna:
        Go to every District ~
            1:  Stephansdom    2:  Kayla's Place    3:  Keri's Place    4:  Anna's Place    5:  Ute/Gilles House     6:   Naschmarkt
            7:    Hotel    8:          9:    School    10:        11:    H&M Shoe Store    12:          
            13:    Shön Brun Palace    14:    Steinhof Memorial    15:    Westbahnhof    16:    Brunenmarkt    17:        18:       
            19:    Home    20:    Aida with Kayla and Keri    21:        22:    United Nations    23:    Harley Davidson Shop
        Climb to The top of St. Stephansdom:    X   
        Visit ~
            Stephansdom:     X         Mozart's House:    X       Haydn's House:    X         Naschmarkt:    X    Brunenmarkt:    X   
            Belvedere Palace:    X    Shön Brun Palace:    X    Vienna's Boy Choir:     X    Spanish Riding School:    X
            Demel Cafe:    X    Graffiti Wall:    X     One Euro store:    X    Opera:    X    Largest Cemetary:     X    Cobenzel:    X
            Kahlenberg:    X    Ballet:    X
        Eat ~
            Goulash:    X     Sausage:    X     Kebab:   X    Shwartzwalder Kirche Torte:    X    Esterhäzy Torte:    X 
            Vienna Hot Chocolate:    X    Melange:    X        
Below is the debate between Keri and Adam that all started due to my simple status update. I do not think that I have enjoyed or felt so loved through a debate before.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

Bre:  One hour!!!!!
     Amanda:  Untillllll??????....
     Keri:  . . . The suspense is killing me! Untillllllllll???????
     Bre:  I get to talk to ADAM!!!!
     Keri:  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                I like this.
     Bre:  I do too!
     Adam:  Me three!
     Keri:  You guys like each other! :)
     Bre:  Maybe a little bit.
     Adam:  I don't know what your talking about?
     Keri:  Yes you do.
     Adam:  I don't like her.
     Bre:  No he most certainly does not!
     Keri:  Well when y'all are done denying reality, let me know. I'll be here.
     Adam:  I'm not denying reality you are simply using the wrong word.  I would use the word love not like.
     Bre:  So what are you saying then?
     Keri:  So you don't like her at all?
     Adam:  No I don't like her.  I love her.
     Keri:  And that's very sweet. . . but you still have to like her.
     Bre:  I love you too.
     Adam:  Yeah but love already implies the like and like just simply isn't strong enough word to describe my affection      
                    toward her.
     Keri:  I love my sister, but I don't always like her.  I love Martin, but I don't always like him.
     Adam:  Well I love my siblings too and I still like them they just really piss me off at the time.  Martin doesn't count as
                    a legitimate argument owing to the fact I don't know who he is.
     Bre:  Lol.  It is her boyfriend!
     Keri:  In my opinion, feelings should never be "implied" they should always be expressed.  Even if there is a stronger
                feeling.  Emotions are an important part of life and relationships.  Express everything.  Never leave anything left
                unsaid. :)
     Bre:  It is nice to hear it. . . . just saying.
     Keri:  Never assume that people know how you feel.  :)  You have to tell them!
     Adam:  I know I feel as if love is a stronger emotion and therefore should be said instead of weaker half-assed feeling
                   such as like which can simply change with mood.  Love should be unconditional.
     Keri:  Every emotion is important.  You don't have to call "like" half-ass.  Or maybe you just like things "half-assed"
                 And yes, love should be unconditional.  Should "like" be too?
     Bre:  I doubt that, considering I have a butt for two white girls (or so some would say).
     Keri:  Ass joke. . . I approve!  :)
     Adam: No like shouldn't necessarily be unconditional which is why the choice to use the word love is important.  I
                   unconditionally love her not, I don't just like her when I fancy.  And yes I very much approve of the joke as         
                   well.  Look we have agreed on something. 
     Keri:  So if like is not unconditional. . . then it is important to tell someone when you like them.
     Adam:  True but if you use love, then like is then superseded by the more important emotional response to the
                    individual.  Which is to say I Love Bre! and the fact that you said we simply like each other was a woeful
                    understatement to the actual emotional appeal towards one another.
     Keri:  Like I said before. . . all emotions are important.  And as Bre mentioned before. . . it's nice to hear. . . just saying.
                Give the lady what she want/needs/deserves!  Tell her all the emotions you feel!  WOO HER!  I do not doubt
                your feelings for her one bit!  She is an amazing person in this world and you are a lucky lucky man to be able to
                be such an integral part of her life. :)  I've enjoyed our argument.  Love is awesome.  Keep it up Bro!
      Adam:  I felt as if a like was appropriate at the end of that.  I have enjoyed the argument as well and of course I realize
                    how lucky I am.  I will pay attention to the Wooing advice.  :-)

Well, another week has flown by and I really do not know where it went to!  Lots of reading for Psych and Euro Cites (neither of which are getting any better with time!!!) and getting plenty of positive feed back from German and Holocaust Lit.  I am getting quite use to Austrian life though.  On Friday Keri, Jamie, Anna, and I went to a cafe close to my house and had a lunch before going to my place to read "The Throne of Straw" for Holocaust Literature. 
Anna, Keri, and Me!
Then, I checked off one item of my Bucket list as I made my way to my first club!  Not really that big of a deal, but I had a great time and didn't even have to have a sip of alcohol!  Keri did our make up and then we headed to a place called the Loft which was ok.  It was Katie's 21st birthday so we all went and danced together. 
Kayla was hilarious and so much fun that I cannot wait to go out dancing with her again.  Another great part was that Shobha, our host sister, met up with us there.  It was nice to see her in a more fun situation.  The music upstairs was lame and just before we left we checked out the down stairs.  IT WAS AWESOME!!! There was a dubstep DJ and the lights went with it so well, I wish that we had gone down there a lot sooner because by that time my eyes could not stand anymore smoke.  So, we headed home, took a quick shower and then headed to bed. 
On Saturday Keri and I made a good old American breakfast, omelet with cheese and ham and then we went to an Aida to do homework.  While there I simply had to get a hot chocolate and, trying something new, a Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte.  I really picked it due to Young Frankenstein, but it was actually really good so I am glad that I did!  I feel as though I am going to have tried so many cakes by the time I get back, but I am ok with it.    : )
Then around 4 we headed to the Volkstheater to see "Faust" for 4 Euros! Yes it was standing room and yes we did leave at intermission, but I will gladly go to one that I have more interest in as there were screens that translated the opera into English for you.  Anyway, Keri and I headed back to my place and watched "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" which I am so underwhelmed by.  There were so many points that could have been developed or played up more that it was more depressing in how poorly it was made than the ending. 
Today, Sunday, Keri and I headed to Saint Augustina Kirche to listen to a Mozart mass with Ute and Gilles.  Afterward, they invited us to get coffee with them (they are so great!!)  I did end up getting a melange, sachertorte and a hot chocolate (with much provoking from Ute).  The best part though was the intellectual discussion the four of us had.  The things that Ute makes me think of just motivates me to create.  For example, I want to either create or find a course that is about the psychological techniques surrounding the Holocaust.  The prospect of this opportunity just makes me excited. 

(In best News Anchor voice) In other news: Will Bre go to Munich this up coming weekend or will she stay in Vienna? We will do our best to keep you up to date.
Bis Später!